Social Media is Fake. Here's why.

Social media is a highlight reel.

  • People take 100, 200, 300 pictures, just to have one that looks perfect. And that’s the one they post to social media.
  • People flex the sh*t out of their muscles for the perfect picture, but they don’t walk around like that all day.
  • People choose the most flattering pose, outfit and lighting. Not the one that makes them look bad.
  • People will starve or dehydrate themselves to appear more shredded on pictures than they are in real life.
  • People might take juice or had surgery to look a certain way.
  • People usually only share their successes and things that went well, and not their losses and setbacks.
  • And some people edit their pictures into the unrecognisable.

Don’t believe anything you see on social media. And don’t compare yourself to these seemingly “perfect” influencers. They’re not perfect. They’re humans, too. With all the ups and downs that life brings.

Nina is a virologist, aspiring bodybuilder and science communicator.

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