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What is this workout guide about?

This guide is a useful resource when it comes to testing your one-rep max (1RM). It gives clear step-by-step instructions how to test your 1RM with two different methods: One suited specifically for powerlifters, and one for all other people who lift weights. The guide also includes several tips & tricks to make your 1RM testing a successful & fun experience!

Thus, if you want to test your 1RM but you don't know how to do so, or if you want to have a "cheat-sheet" you can bring with you to the gym, then this guide is for you!

What is included in the guide?

This guide is not a workout programme per se, but rather an addition to whatever stregth training programme you are currently running. This guide provides 3 unique workouts built around the 1RM-tests for the three big compound lifts: Squat, deadlift and bench press. Whether you are into powerlifting, bodybuilding or just strength training in general, this guide provides step-by-step instructions for 1RM testing that fits your sport best. The guide also includes many helpful tips & tricks to keep you safe and make your 1RM test sessions a success!
With the guide, you get:
  • This guide as printable PDF
  • Life-long access to the guide
  • Step-by-step instruction to test your 1RM
  • General tips about 1RM testing
  • 3 Unique workouts to complement your 1RM testing

Want more info & an example workout?

In this video, I explain what a 1RM actually is, why it's useful to know your 1RM, and - of course - how to test your 1RM. But I also cover how frequently you should test your 1RM, if you should test the 1RM for multiple exercises in the same session, and how you should train after a 1RM test. Additionnally, I show you an example leg workout you could do after your squat 1RM test.
Thus, this video is a comprehensive resource for everything related to one-rep maxes, with this guide condensing all the information in a few pages.

Nina is a virologist, aspiring bodybuilder and science communicator.

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